Yoga FOTD ;)

Off to yoga in a bit, and thought I'd share the products I usually use for a simple, fresh look~

I don't wear foundation or concealer, but I always wear sunscreen no matter what I'm doing! I use Etude House Glow Base SPF 36 (from Korea) as it has a bit of luminance to it, but not a lot of shimmer. Just gives me a nice glow which is handy for when I'm up early on a Sunday!

Maybelline Dream Mousse in Peach Satin. This is my favorite cream blush and it's really easy to blend in for a pop of peach on my cheeks.

My eyes are the first thing on my face to start sweating, so I have to use my MAC Fluidline which is the only thing that stays put when my eyelids get oily. I use Laura Mercier's metallic creme eyeshadow in Titanium which is a pretty peachy champagne color.

I usually stick with my CO Bigelo lipbalm and top with Majolica Majorca Honey Lip Gloss to make them shine.

Grab my water, my mat, and my purse and it's out the door I go!

(I also tried doing Heidi braids on myself this morning. It did not go well. It's definitely easier to do them with wet/damp hair though.)


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