Etude House Lip Stains

Eek, long time no update. And yet I've actually received a lot of new stuff lately which I need to review still, including my GMarket order. However, two of the lipstains I'm reviewing in this entry are from that GMarket order, and the rest will come later.

Etude House is one of my favorite Korean lines, cheap but really good quality. I ordered one of the dual-ended Tint Glosses in my first order, which is very similar to Benefit's Pocket Tint. About 1/5th of the price though, which rocks.

(I promise I'll review the Skinfood lip&cheek tints next, as they are comparable to Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouges and Grapefruit is a dupe for the super-popular Calypso Coral shade.)

Swatches on my arm, remember I'm NW10 which is as pale as it gets!

Leftmost is the stain end of the Tint Gloss, the shade is called "Cherry". The texture is much thicker and a bit trickier to apply evenly. The applicator is a doe-foot.

Middle is the Aqua 10 Proof Tint in Shade 2. (The other shade is a fuschia color). It's not as vibrant as the tint gloss but I love the texture and it applies much more smoothly.

Rightmost is the Fresh Cherry Tint in Pink. This is my favorite of the three, and I was skeptical about trying a pink stain as it just seems weird. But it looks great on, not too bright or too pale/milky. Love it.

Price-wise these cost about $5 each, all purchased from the official Etude House seller on GMarket. I ordered quite a fair bit from the seller and they included a very cute skincare kit which I might do as my next giveaway!

Phew, hope that was a good enough review! I've had a bit of an exciting day so I am off to download obtain legally the new episode of Doctor Who, eat some leftover pizza, and play with Cleo.


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