Kose Cosmeport Kitanohitou Bath Essence vs Kanebo Tabinoyado Bath Salts

I've heard Kathi from Lotus Palace rave about Kanebo Tabinoyado Bath Salts, so I ordered a big box from AlphabeautyUK on Ebay. Cost was $14.95 for 15 packages, not including shipping. So it works out to about 99cents a packet. Each packet is 25g.

Well, I'm almost through the box and I was beginning to panic. I love taking baths, moreso than showers. I like reading a good book and having a nice hot soak, sometimes with a cup of tea. Aaaah, bliss~

Anyway, I was recently at the mall and stumbled upon a little kiosk near where my sister and mother were shopping for shoes. They had a whole bunch of goodies by Kose, like Softymo cleansers/cremes, and some very interesting boxes towards the bottom...

It was a box of Kose Kosmeport Kitanohitou Bath Powders! 12.99 for a box of 10, and if you bought a second box, it was half price! So I picked up two boxes. The math works out the same -- about 99cents a packet. Each packet is also 25g.

Now to compare them...
The Kanebo packets all turn the water into a translucent colored water. There's yellow, green, and blue. The Kose packets, well I have tried 2 of the styles so far one one was a reddish brown color, and the other was a milky blue color. So the Kose ones seem to be either a clear color or a milky color. The Kanebo set comes with 5 different scents, the Kose only with 4. However, I prefer the scents of the Kose powders.

I would definitely purchase both again, but the Kose gets bonus points because it's more easily obtained for me!

(FYI, for those of you in Richmond, BC -- the beauty supply kiosk is by Aldo Shoes/Accessories in Richmond Center. Apparently their main store is in Yaohan Center. :))

Switching Out MAC Compacts

You might recall that I had ordered Shell Pearl from the Liberty of London collection last month. Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed by the shade, but I absolutely adored the packaging it came in. The white shiny compact with the bright print was just too adorable. So I decided to do a switcheroo!

I used this tutorial here on youtube:

I had three MAC compacts that I switched around:
- Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre (Clear Lid)
- Shell Pearl Beauty Powder (White LoL Compact)
- Blushing Femme Irridescent Pressed Powder (Black Mirrored Compact) -- received this in a swap shattered but I had transfered the loose powder to a sifter jar and was planning on B2Ming the compact.

Following the tutorial, I managed to move everything around with minimal damage -- my first attempt was with the LoL compact and I accidentally nicked the surface with the knife. Luckily Azalea Blossom was unharmed.

And here's the end results!

Shell Pearl was swapped on MUA for an Esprique Precious lipstick, hooray! :) And I still have a B2M with the Azalea Blossom container. And doesn't AB look awesome in its new home?

Two Recent Orders

I broke my no-buy to place a small order at Bobodave and used my GMarket gift certificate (plus a shipping credit I had in my cash balance leftover from my first order) to make an order without spending a penny. Whee!

- I bought another Etude House travel kit -- this one is from the Aqua Sherbert line. It comes with travel-size versions of the Lotion, Toner, and Gel. Reviews seem to agree that this is a cooling sort of line, perfect for summer. There is apparently alaskan glacial water in it, and the scent is grapefruit. I'm not a grapefruit fan but I am curious! Like the summer set I reviewed previously, this one was around $4.
- Next is a GWP that came with the recent release of Paul and Joe's Alice in Wonderland collection. The actual tin sets were very pricey, and I don't use blotting powders (rendering half of the set useless). Bobodave has the exclusive GWP that was given out for only $10. It's adorable, but there have been varying reports of the goodies included. They all seem to include a small foundation compact and a pressed powder sample, but some come with toner/cleansing milk bottles, and one on Ebay came with a brightening serum instead. In any case, you can see some photos of the GWPs at the following links:
AskCleo, Ebay, Iswii.net. So cute!
- Some Jill Stuart samples, including samples of the Day Care Essence, Hydro-filler, and a mini/travel size of the Brightening Eye Cream.
- A little Majolica Majorca mirror for my purse.

- I hauled Etude House! Snagged two lip stains/tints, a face highlighter, and two sheet masks.
- I also picked up a baked blush by Clio, which I read about on Kathi's blog. The packaging is very cool, all artwork prints and such. I picked up a pinky peach that reminded me of MAC Springsheen or NARS Orgasm. Very excited!

GMarket Rocks!

Today I got an email from GMarket CS with a free gift certificate for 50,000W (equivalent to around $60USD). AWESOME! Combine that with the $25 I got back as a shipping refund, and I've got a nice little chunk of change for when I haul on GMarket! Do I go with Banila Co? Skinfood? Etude House? Jadilla J? So many choices!

I'm so excited -- I never win anything!

Jill Stuart Haul (or "Why my dad rocks.")

So my dad does a lot of traveling for business. He's always off somewhere far away, but mainly he's in China and Japan. Because he's so busy with work, he doesn't have time to shop so my sister and I generally don't ask him to bring us anything. In fact, I think the last time he brought me back something, it was in 2003 when I was just getting into j-pop. He brought me back three CDs which I still have and treasure; the cases are worn and scuffed because I've played them so many times. (FYI it's Ayumi Hamasaki's A Best, BoA's Listen to my Heart, and Mai Kuraki's Fairy Tale albums).

Anyway, this time when he went over I asked him if he had time to keep an eye out for any cute makeup. I named a few lines -- Banila Co (they opened a store in Tokyo), Kanebo, and Jill Stuart. I'm guessing he went for the last option because it's the easiest to remember. Three days into the trip and I get a text: "The girls from the office and I are figuring out where to go shopping." Picturing my dad going into a department store made me laugh, and even moreso when I considered the alternative -- his two young assistants running around Japan with his corporate credit card! In any case, he promised me a surprise when he got back.

Well, he just flew back in this morning and since it's my mom's birthday today (and my sister's on Saturday), we all went out for dinner. But not before stopping at home so they could open their gifts from me. And then my dad started pulling out what he brought back for my sister and me.

OMG. He pulled out the first little pink box that I never thought I'd have. It was a set of 3 Jill Stuart lipglosses. I squealed, oohed, and aahed. But wait, there's more! Another Jill Stuart lipgloss. And then an eye shadow!

How pretty is all of it?! I just kept opening the boxes and looking at everything all throughout dinner, ha ha ha! And here's some other goodies he brought back...

Apparently these teddy bear necklaces are really popular in Japan! They're made of white gold and have the most adorable rhinestones on them so they sparkle so brightly! And to add a sweet touch, the arms and legs are fully articulated joints like the old fashioned teddy bears. So they swing to and fro if you move a lot while wearing it.

My dad also did some shopping for my mom -- he bought her a Bobbi Brown eye palette (a pastel color set) and a lip palette, and at the Bobbi Brown counter apparently you got a cute necklace for free. Mom already had one from the last time he went to the BB counter in Tokyo, so she gave it to me. It's got a cute glass heart on it!

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