Jill Stuart Haul (or "Why my dad rocks.")

So my dad does a lot of traveling for business. He's always off somewhere far away, but mainly he's in China and Japan. Because he's so busy with work, he doesn't have time to shop so my sister and I generally don't ask him to bring us anything. In fact, I think the last time he brought me back something, it was in 2003 when I was just getting into j-pop. He brought me back three CDs which I still have and treasure; the cases are worn and scuffed because I've played them so many times. (FYI it's Ayumi Hamasaki's A Best, BoA's Listen to my Heart, and Mai Kuraki's Fairy Tale albums).

Anyway, this time when he went over I asked him if he had time to keep an eye out for any cute makeup. I named a few lines -- Banila Co (they opened a store in Tokyo), Kanebo, and Jill Stuart. I'm guessing he went for the last option because it's the easiest to remember. Three days into the trip and I get a text: "The girls from the office and I are figuring out where to go shopping." Picturing my dad going into a department store made me laugh, and even moreso when I considered the alternative -- his two young assistants running around Japan with his corporate credit card! In any case, he promised me a surprise when he got back.

Well, he just flew back in this morning and since it's my mom's birthday today (and my sister's on Saturday), we all went out for dinner. But not before stopping at home so they could open their gifts from me. And then my dad started pulling out what he brought back for my sister and me.

OMG. He pulled out the first little pink box that I never thought I'd have. It was a set of 3 Jill Stuart lipglosses. I squealed, oohed, and aahed. But wait, there's more! Another Jill Stuart lipgloss. And then an eye shadow!

How pretty is all of it?! I just kept opening the boxes and looking at everything all throughout dinner, ha ha ha! And here's some other goodies he brought back...

Apparently these teddy bear necklaces are really popular in Japan! They're made of white gold and have the most adorable rhinestones on them so they sparkle so brightly! And to add a sweet touch, the arms and legs are fully articulated joints like the old fashioned teddy bears. So they swing to and fro if you move a lot while wearing it.

My dad also did some shopping for my mom -- he bought her a Bobbi Brown eye palette (a pastel color set) and a lip palette, and at the Bobbi Brown counter apparently you got a cute necklace for free. Mom already had one from the last time he went to the BB counter in Tokyo, so she gave it to me. It's got a cute glass heart on it!


Anonymous said...

What an amazing gift! That's awesome, it's so nice when the men in our lives appreciate our addictions!

Anonymous said...

What a nice dad you have :) enjoy the hauls!

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