Switching Out MAC Compacts

You might recall that I had ordered Shell Pearl from the Liberty of London collection last month. Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed by the shade, but I absolutely adored the packaging it came in. The white shiny compact with the bright print was just too adorable. So I decided to do a switcheroo!

I used this tutorial here on youtube:

I had three MAC compacts that I switched around:
- Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre (Clear Lid)
- Shell Pearl Beauty Powder (White LoL Compact)
- Blushing Femme Irridescent Pressed Powder (Black Mirrored Compact) -- received this in a swap shattered but I had transfered the loose powder to a sifter jar and was planning on B2Ming the compact.

Following the tutorial, I managed to move everything around with minimal damage -- my first attempt was with the LoL compact and I accidentally nicked the surface with the knife. Luckily Azalea Blossom was unharmed.

And here's the end results!

Shell Pearl was swapped on MUA for an Esprique Precious lipstick, hooray! :) And I still have a B2M with the Azalea Blossom container. And doesn't AB look awesome in its new home?


Blair said...

Hiya, are you the Valerie that I swapped with on MUA?

Azalea Blossom looks purrdy in its new home! :D

Valerie said...

I am indeed! XD

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