Kose Cosmeport Kitanohitou Bath Essence vs Kanebo Tabinoyado Bath Salts

I've heard Kathi from Lotus Palace rave about Kanebo Tabinoyado Bath Salts, so I ordered a big box from AlphabeautyUK on Ebay. Cost was $14.95 for 15 packages, not including shipping. So it works out to about 99cents a packet. Each packet is 25g.

Well, I'm almost through the box and I was beginning to panic. I love taking baths, moreso than showers. I like reading a good book and having a nice hot soak, sometimes with a cup of tea. Aaaah, bliss~

Anyway, I was recently at the mall and stumbled upon a little kiosk near where my sister and mother were shopping for shoes. They had a whole bunch of goodies by Kose, like Softymo cleansers/cremes, and some very interesting boxes towards the bottom...

It was a box of Kose Kosmeport Kitanohitou Bath Powders! 12.99 for a box of 10, and if you bought a second box, it was half price! So I picked up two boxes. The math works out the same -- about 99cents a packet. Each packet is also 25g.

Now to compare them...
The Kanebo packets all turn the water into a translucent colored water. There's yellow, green, and blue. The Kose packets, well I have tried 2 of the styles so far one one was a reddish brown color, and the other was a milky blue color. So the Kose ones seem to be either a clear color or a milky color. The Kanebo set comes with 5 different scents, the Kose only with 4. However, I prefer the scents of the Kose powders.

I would definitely purchase both again, but the Kose gets bonus points because it's more easily obtained for me!

(FYI, for those of you in Richmond, BC -- the beauty supply kiosk is by Aldo Shoes/Accessories in Richmond Center. Apparently their main store is in Yaohan Center. :))


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