MAC Hollidazzle 2003 - 7 Pink Lips

I received this gorgeous MAC lip palette in a swap last year and it's one of my favorites. It houses 7 pink shades -- 2 lipglasses and 5 lipsticks.

The shades are:
Junior Miss LS: Clean fuchsia with gold pearl
High Strung LS: A deeply enlightened pink silver (Perm)
Crème de la Femme LS: Baroque pink laced with gold (Perm)
Captive LS: Pinkish plum (Perm)
Tulle LG: Baby pink with silver pearl
Fluid: Muted brown plum with violet shimmer (Perm)
Vintage Violet LG: Icy violet with shimmer

 Yeah, I have no idea which of the above the gold one is supposed to be. Go figure.


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