Cameleon 36 Color Professional Eyeshadow Palette

Hoo boy. Yes, I'm crazy. But this was just so crazy I had to get it when I was shopping on Sasa. This is indeed a 36-color palette, packed with neutrals, brights, and everything in between. At only $7, what did I have to lose?

Sorry for the stock photos; I didn't take any of the palette itself before I started swatching!

For starters, the palette itself is tiny. It's about 3"x6", so you can imagine how small the actual pans are. The shadows are soft and easy to use, but they are so soft that they crumble a bit. :/

Swatches! Yes, I swatched them on my leg. My arms are too small to fix 36 eyeshadows on them.


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MakeupAddict said...

Those look really nice, every bit worth that $7! I don't think I've seen someone swatch their leg before!

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