Shiseido Tsubaki Haircare Review

As I mentioned in my Sasa haul overview, they have a ton of the less expensive Shiseido lines which you can find in Asian drugstores. Shiseido has several haircare lines out and I decided to try the Tsubaki like (as the Ma Cherie line looked very overwhelming; it has 3x the items in it).

The Tsubaki line is available in two formulas - Red, for normal hair, and White/Gold, which is for damaged hair. I went with the red line as my hair is oily/normal.

L-R: Small shampoo, large shampoo, shampoo refill, small conditioner, large conditioner, conditioner refill, hair mask, treatment.

Sasa did not have the conditioner in stock, and the hair mask was just a bit too expensive ($25) so I picked up the shampoo ($6.70 for the small 220ml size) and the treatment ($13.20). The White/Damage Repair line is actually a bit more expensive, I noticed.

Tsubaki (椿) is Japanese for camellia which is a type of flower. The Tsubaki line contains the oil of the camellia, and I imagine it might have inspired the scent used as well.

Onto the review!

Shampoo: This has a very nice floral scent, not too strong. I need only a small squirt to work through my shoulder-length hair. It has a lot of slip for a shampoo and lathers nicely.

Treatment: This has a much stronger scent than the shampoo. It's meant to be worked through damp hair and left on for about 5minutes. I wash my face, use my Clarisonic, and such while I wait for it to set. Upon rinsing, my hair slides so easily through my fingers with no effort whatsoever.

Results: After two days of using it, my hair already feels healthier than it did with my old shampoo. Once it's been blow dried, it is soft, shiny, and smells great! I do think it weighs down my fine hair just slightly, so I probably will only use the treatment once a week or so instead of every other day when I wash my hair.

I'll be sure to post an update in a week or so to let everyone know how my hair has reacted to continued use.

...and I do want to eventually try the Ma Cherie line, too. It's PINK!


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