Etude House Travel Kit

This was an impulse buy from Bobodave. I was hoarding samples and this lovely little kit was only $7.88. Etude House is a Korean line that has awesome skincare and cosmetics, but I've only been lucky so far as to try these four items (so far)!

The kit contains travel sizes of four skincare items in a handy little bag.

- Baking Powder Pore Cleanser Foam: This has a nice scent to it; it sounds very familiar but I can't quite name it! It foams up quite nicely and has an exfoliating quality to it (the baking powder). It's mild enough that it doesn't sting if I get it near my eyes, which is a bonus.

- Aqua Sherbet Aloe Soothing Gel: This is a gel with aloe that has a clean, soft scent. A tip I read is to refrigerate it before using. I bet this would be amazing to use after being out in the sun, or on a sunburn. Might have to hang onto this until summertime...

- Perfect Proof Sun Guard SPF 50/ PA: First of all, this smells incredible! I would have preferred a beefier bottle of this rather than the pore cleaner foam, especially since I'm getting the sense this travel kit is more for summer holidays. The texture is very light and thin as opposed to sunscreen which can be very thick. I have ordered a full tube of their Glow Guard, which is in the same line but has fine shimmer/glitter in it for a dewy look. That's on its way in my GMarket order, so I will review it when it arrives!

- Sweet Appleade Body Wash: This has quite a strong scent but once you get it lathered up on the body it's much lighter. It smells a lot like green apples, which can be a bit sour to some people but I like it. It foams up really well and is quite refreshing. I've already used up half the tube, so I might be repurchasing a full bottle soon!


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