My Skincare Stash -- Quick Reviews

Lately I've been diving into a skincare regime. Most will cringe when I admit that I hardly ever wash my face. I have very porcelain skin, no blemishes or uneven-ness. I find I don't need a lot of maintenance to keep it looking fresh. When I do wash my face, it's usually because a blackhead has appeared (porcelain skin means your pores are very fine, so when a blackhear pops up, it can be very difficult to remove) and I will use Neutrogena's Stress-Control Acne Wash until it's gone.

Ever since I got into Japanese cosmetics, though, I've noticed that they all have the same sort of fair skintone as I do. I went on a sample spree on Bobodave and picked up some mini/travel sizes to play with. Between my Bobodave order, my Sasa order, and the extras I'd hoarded from swapping on MUA, I had quite a stash to play around with.


For the past month or so, I've been working my way through some of these. I can tell you right away that the duds so far are the Vichy, the Laura Mercier, and the Chanel moisturizers with SPF. I'm fairly certain the Chanel sample I got was rancid, which sucks. Or maybe it smells like crap all the time? The LM felt very drying, and the Vichy was too greasy.

The Etude House SPF 50, on the other hand? It's juuuust right. (I reviewed this previously here). I included the Vichy and LM as extras in swaps, and tossed the Chanel. The Aveda sample has also gone onto a new home.

That tiny hexagon-shaped container on the right is Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder. It's a powder that you pour into your hand, add a small amount of water, which creates a lovely exofoliating cleanser that you use on the face.

I've been using the Kanebo Raphaie set (far right) the past week. The Cleansing Milk is very mild and gentle, but I like my cleansers to feel more... cleansing... rather than moisturizing. Once the samples are gone, I don't think I'll purchase the fullsize version.

Expect more comprehensive reviews of everything else once I've given them a try. I'm excited!


GeekyEejit said...

They look like they may have heavy scent to them - do they?

I hope they do wonders for your skin! :D Maybe I should invest on some Asian skincare...... you're so much more Asian than me it ain't funneh D:

Valerie said...

Not really. I think the most scented products are probably the Etude House sunscreen and the pore cleansing foam. Oh, and the Cle de Peau stuff, but I only use a tiny bit of that. It's rather old-lady smelling but damn, it feels nice.

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