A Mysterious Package...

So this morning, a rather large package showed up at my apartment... With glee, I raced downstairs to the main floor to greet the mail carrier, and signed for it.

Open it up... more boxes!

Slightly wasteful, in my humble opinion. Plus I suspect this is why shipping was so astronomically high, eurggggggh.

Freebies and extras! I think that's a sheet mask top-left. Some BB creme samples (swatches coming later), maxipads (LOL), some Etude House collagen creme samples, a little soap sample, a small MU remover from Banila Co, and cotton squares. Woo!


Jian said...

Wow, lots of Korean goodness! Although I also agree...the box didn't need to be so big!

In reply to your question ( sorry for slow reply, I'm on wards now and have no Internet access except on my phone) I don't actually buy Chinese cosmetics! The quality is far inferior to it's Korean and Japanese counterparts. The only thing you could perhaps get him to get you would be the Chinese version of shiseido. It's actually buy shiseido but because the products are made in china it costs less. It's called 'aupres'. Kanebo also has their own special line made in china. I will tell you if I remember.

Also depends on where your dad is going. If he's going to mainland, Japanese makeup is a lot more expensive. If he's going to hong kong or Taiwan especially, he can pick you up all kinds for Much cheaper

Valerie said...

Thanks Jian! :D I'll let him know that. I think he's going to be mainly in Taiwan. ^_~

Jian said...

Ahh in that case, definitely get him to check out Jill Stuart for you if you're into their pretty, pretty packaging!! It's the cheapest place to buy it! You could also get him to check out Beautymaker (a taiwanese brand, by makeupartist Kevin), and also possibly My Beauty Diary Masks, which a lot of bloggers are fans of, although I've heard that the premium line is nicer. Personally I've never tried them, but I know I'd personally love to! =D

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