Kiss Me Heroine Make Long&Curl Mascara

Kiss Me has (according to the website) been around since 1825, and their mascaras get rave reviews on MUA. I picked up their Long&Curl mascara as part of my first Sasa order, and I'm impressed! I'm not a huge mascara fan, to be honest. I am more about quick fixes, less about pinching my eyelids accidentally with a curler.

Lately, though, I've been delving into some popular mascaras by Asian lines such as Majolica Majorca, and I've had some success there. Kiss Me, though, trumps them all with a mascara that does what it says on the tin -- while still looking natural, and it looks good even without using a curler.

As you can see, the wand is curved and has lots of bristles in the comb, so as to coat each lash easily. It picks up a lot of product, so I usually remove a bit before applying or it gets goopy. (You'll see what I mean when I post photos of it on my lashes.) The formula itself does not have any fibers in it, so it's not too finicky to apply.

Taking one for the team, I present me without any makeup except the mascara. ;)

Sorry for the horror. :P I went out like that today, too! Thanks to my new skincare regimen, all I had on was my Etude House sunscreen and some toner. As you can see, the lashes still look natural but much longer than they normally are. I'm sure if I curled them, it would look even more impressive, but I have a hard time finding a lash curler that fits the shape of my eyes. But I digress...

Overall, Kiss Me has put together a great mascara that I will be using more than I use my Majolica Majorca mascaras which are just a little too finicky. (Yes, I like the word finicky. Deal.)

This exact mascara is available on Sasa for $10.60 and more pricey on Bobodave for $15.76.


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