MAC Liberty of London is out!

MAC's LoL collection is now available for purchase online on their website. I only placed a small order as I have been drifting away from MAC lately. Isn't the packaging neat? I am a sucker for MAC's special packaging. I only have a few pieces but I love them. (My favorite is my Heatherette beauty powder compact and the Raquel Welch lipstick)

Anyway, my order includes:
- Shell Pearl beauty powder. This looks very soft and glowy, and it's a peach which I really don't have enough of! I want to try and wear some more peachy/nude shades this spring. Already planning a FOTD, actually!
- English Accents & Frankly Fresh lipglasses:

I passed on everything else. The eyeshadows I just depot anyway, so the packaging would be useless. The blushes were meh, and the lipsticks seemed too extreme.


GeekyEejit said...

Oh, God, I am totally lemming the Peacock lippie ;x

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