First Sasa Haul

Just wanted to post a quick photograph of the contents of my first Sasa order.

I do want to say some things to those planning their first Sasa orders as well:


- Lots of Shiseido's drugstore line of haircare/skincare! Each item averages at about $8-10 and there's a good choice.

- Free shipping once you hit $100 in your cart so it's great to stock up on heavy skincare items.

- Free sample with your order (I picked a package of 20 cotton pieces for removing MU/applying toner).

- Prices are competitive for skincare but not so much for makeup. For makeup, it's cheaper on Adambeauty.


- Limited stock in the more popular brands.

- Samples aren't that interesting or intriguing. Choices now are the cotton squares, a notepad, or "red packets" (my guess is this has something to do with Chinese New Year)

- They declare the full value on the package, so I had to pay $23 in duty/taxes. Eurgh.


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